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Doors in a Day makes updating your interior doors EASY, clean and affordable!

The Doors in a Day method of designing, measuring and installing your interior doors is different than any remodeling project you have ever done.

Unlike traditional contractors, Doors in a Day will not have your home torn apart for weeks or even days. Instead, our installers will be in and out of your home in less than one day*.


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Doors in a Day was a really great and comprehensive service! I really liked that fact... [Read More]


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Why Choose Doors in a Day

Makes updating your interior doors EASY, clean and affordable!

There are several advantages to choosing Doors in a Day over a contractor and other interior door companies for your interior door update.

  • Doors in a Day’s quality interior doors are completely custom
  • Installation of all the interior doors in your home in less than one day of work
  • No mess or stress for the homeowner thanks to the Doors in a Day measuring tool and installers
  • Doors in a Day does not subcontract or use day-laborers
  • Locally owned and operated company
  • Large selection of interior door styles to choose from
  • Large selection of hardware to choose from
  • Factory painted in one of seven colors

Here’s how it works:

For more information on our process please click here
and watch our informative video



Choose from our many popular options for your new interior doors.

These include beautiful door locks and paint colors that will add new style to your home.



Using our high-tech digital measuring system.

Each door jamb is precisely measured to create new doors that are custom-fit to your existing frames with no construction necessary.



Because every new doors is custom-made and painted in our professional facility before we arrive.

We can replace every door in your home 2-3 hours with no mess and no hassle.

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Customer Stories

Here is just a few of our many satisfied customers...

"Love the new bi-fold folding doors and the absolutely gorgeous sliding glass doors! I am so glad I desiced to replace my interior doors. They were wonderful people from start to finish."

"All individuals that we worked with were great. Jack in the office, Dan who came out to measure and give us a detailed cost explanation of our new sliding doors, both were a pleasure to talk to.

Installers Mike and Ray were ...

"I'm very happy with my new interior doors. The whole process was easy, and the doors are a nice upgrade for my 39 year old home. The installers were very helpful in solving any small problems. The sliding glass doors look so amazing!"

Door Collections

Doors in a Day offers a large selection of interior door styles, including closet doors.

Our Anniversary series and Signature series are available in both hollow core and solid core, and come in a variety of different colors and styles. All of the styles in each collection are available in closet doors and interior doors. Made from the highest quality materials, the Anniversary series and the Signature series make up our most popular door selections. Whether you are looking for a traditional panel door or a modern style door, Doors in a Day has the style you want.

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Before & After Photos

It can be really difficult to envision what a remodel to your home will look like before it’s done.

That’s why we want to make sure you can see many before and after photos of real interior door replacement projects. Below is a before and after photo gallery of jobs that Doors in a Day installers really completed. We hope that it gives you a good idea of what an interior door replacement can do for your home.

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It's Your Home, It's Your Wallet, It's Your Kitchen – I'm Sure You Have Questions.

Can I replace an interior door myself?
It is possible but a lot of work. Replacing doors through the traditional installation process will require the homeowner to remove the door and/or the jambs. Then the homeowner will have to purchase a slab door or pre-hung door and attempt to fit it to the hole. It could take someone a few hours shaving it down and fitting it in. Then…don’t forget to paint it (all six sides).
How long will it take a contractor to replace an interior door?
It could take upwards to three hours per door. Replacing doors through the traditional installation process will require the contractor to remove the door and/or the jambs. Then the contractor will have to purchase a slab door or pre-hung door and attempt to fit it to the hole. Either method will create a mess in the homeowner’s yard/driveway or the homeowner’s actual home. Then again, don’t forget it will need painted.
Can I replace just the door slab and fit it in the opening?
Yes you can, but this is the most difficult approach. Why? Because door openings can settle and become really out of square, resulting in odd sizes. You would need to resort to using a measuring tape, instead of our exclusive digital measuring machine.
Will my new interior doors come pre-painted?
Doors that are purchased from big box stores are generally not pre-painted. Small companies that provide more custom style doors can have them come pre-painted.
Are there different style interior doors to chose from?
Yes there are many different style doors, from plain slab doors to three, four and six panel designs.
Are all doors hollow core?
No, most builders will install hollow core doors when they build a home, but there are other options available. Solid core doors are much heavier and deafen sound better.